Sunday, February 11, 2024

Countdown to Fun: Timothy Scott's Astronaut Pre-Birthday Has Begun!

As a General Santos City based lifestyle photographer, I have the incredible opportunity to witness and capture the joy-filled moments of families in the comfort of their own homes. This time, I had the pleasure of visiting the Acamad Family to document their grand son's pre-birthday session as he turns one!

Timothy Scott, affectionately known as Coco, carries a name full of meaning and promise. Just like a child whose world is as infinite as the vastness of space, Coco's imagination knows no bounds. As he takes his first steps into the world, may he dream big and fearlessly reach for the stars.

From the first taste of icing to the playful smearing of frosting, Coco embraced the sugary adventure with pure joy and delight. As we witnessed Coco's eyes light up with each bite, it reminded us of the simple pleasures that bring so much happiness. 
With exceptional artistry by CRS Balloon Party Depot Needs, this astronaut-themed pre-birthday in-home session captures the essence of our little explorer. To Coco, the universe is your playground, and the future holds endless wonders waiting for you to be discovered!


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