Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Twin Memories to Treasure : Jefferson and Kristoffer's Newborn Session in General Santos City

Kristine and Jeffrey wished for twins and indeed they we're lucky to have twins! It has been a hard but joyful journey for them, bearing and raising Kristoffer and Jefferson. At Christmas, months after their honeymoon, Joy Kristine and Jeffrey found that they were blessed with child - but lo and behold! after a significant ultrasound did they confirm that they were lucky to have twins!  A pleasant surprise too for their folks. They imagined all the things the twins could do together, including attending college at the same time. The pregnancy months hit some bumps, including the usual sensitive trimester, and the unfortunate time when Joy caught COVID-19. Thankfully, it was manageable with quarantine and pregnancy-appropriate medication. Next hurdle was spending a month monitoring Joy’s labor day, and a possibility for the incubation of the twins. But all’s well that ends well. The twins came out healthy and still are the healthy boys they are today. 


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