Thursday, February 17, 2022

Bundle of Love: Manuel's Newborn Session in General Santos City

Dear Manuel,

You may not remember the way Mom stood right in front of the mirror while looking how big you've become inside my womb, and how I excitedly touch my tummy, knowing I was going to bring you into the world soon while whispering, "we can do this." 

You may not remember how happy I was upon hearing your first cry knowing I delivered you safely into the world.

You may not remember the way you looked at us right after you were born, without any words, I know right in our arms, you feel secured.

From your first cry, your first smile, and the way we hold your little feet in our hands, imagining how much bigger than our own feet they will become one day. You may not remember these things, but we will... And we will hold onto these memories in our hearts, forever.

Our dearest Manuel, never forget that Mom and Dad love you so much. Life is filled with good times and hard times. Learn from everything you can and be the man we know you can be.

We love you and your Kuya Miguel with all our hearts and we thank God for your lives.


Mommy and Daddy

Photography \ The Cradle Stories by TWE Studios, Styling \ Vna Routel


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