Saturday, February 12, 2022

A Fervent Prayer: Kate's Lifestyle Maternity Session { Tupi, South Cotabato }

My Dearest Tanya,

Your Daddy Kim & I were indecisive of what would be the best name to give you. Mommy wants this, Daddy doesn't want that, and so on. 不 But, one thing's for sure you are what we have prayed for. 2 years in the making actually.不

I never thought I can love as much as how I love your Kuyas. We are all excited to see you and who's nose you're going to get, of how you will look like.

Daddy wished you are as white as me, while I want you te get Daddy's curly hair. Kuya Zaky wants to name you Kimchi--because it's kuya Zuri's favorite, while kuya Zuri wouldn't stop giving me "Z" baby names.

Prepare for a crazy but fun family. 不 I know you'll take the lead! And, you might ask one day how I got your name. Not from the listed names on the internet haha! I just prayed and God gave me "Tanya" in my dreams, and that's it. You're an answered prayer.

I love you and I'll love you even more when we play dress up! 不



PHOTOGRAPHY \ The Cradle Stories by TWE
SG Farm, Tupi, South Cotabato


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