Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Tiny Treasure: Kaleb's Pre-Birthday Session in General Santos City


What a better way to celebrate one's life than having to immortalize sweet and delightful moments with your family! Kaleb's Pre-Birthday Session was our first session for 2022. We first met him when he was still 19 days old. Now, he is celebrating his 1st come last week of January. Upon seeing him, I'd say he is still as adorable and as cuddly as we first photographed him.  No wonder mommy Krisha and Daddy Olym chose Winnie the Pooh as the main lay-out/ set-up for Kaleb's session. Pooh is known to be kind and friendly towards everyone and has a demeanor that is childlike and innocent. With such characteristics, I would liken little Kaleb to this sweet bear. 

My dear Kaleb, I can’t promise to be there for the rest of your life but I promise to love you for the rest of mine. Always remember that Daddy will always be your number 1 fan . We love you and happy 1st birthday.

 Love , 

Kaleb, when you were born, I couldn’t even measure how much you’d come to mean to me. Whenever I look or hold you in my arms, I could say that I must have done something good that God blessed me with you and I always thank Him for your gift of life.Happy Birthday our Kaleb! Mom will always be by your side in every step you make. We love you!


PHOTO \ The Cradle Stories | STYLING by Vyktoria's Confections N Balloons


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