Friday, November 5, 2021

A Little Ray Of Sunshine: Khaleesi Faye's Newborn Session in General Santos City

To our dearest sprout,

As you begin your journey to discovery, always remember that your presence will always be a light to our lives and a blessing to cherish and nurture.

As we hold you in our arms, you brings joy with endless love. Our sleepless nights are outrageous but exciting, knowing the fact that we will wake up each day seeing your pretty smile and hearing your loudest cry asking to feed you and have some cuddles. Savoring these moments means a lot to us because it gives us hope to continue living and realizing that loving and taking care of you are more important than ourselves.

We named you Khaleesi Faye, for Khaleesi is a royal title means "queen" from the movie series of Game of Thrones. The characteristics of a queen must exemplify grace, bravery and kindness that we want you to acquire not beyond perfection but in the state of righteousness and happiness. While Faye comes from the Old French word that means loyalty or belief, foundation in Irish and also a form of faith. These attributes will be your guide to live in your own path with self-discipline to distinguish right from wrong and be able to make mistakes reasonably in using problem-solving correctly. 

As we see you grow as a child and becoming as a lady, we pray for your health and genuine happiness so you can do more in attaining your goals and dreams and be wise enough to follow your instincts in every decision makings. Just trust the process of success and it will lead you to the right track. And also surround yourself with positive-minded people whom you can commend, for they creates friendship and bonding that you can share your stories with. And whatever life may bring, we will always be your number one supporter who believes in you the most and our love for you comes with a lifetime guarantee. 

With greatest love,

Mom and Dad


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