Friday, November 26, 2021

One Great Love: Francine's Newborn Session { General Santos City }

Dear Francine,

You are such a blessing that came into our lives. In a world full of uncertainty due to an emerging pandemic, you came at the right time when we can only dream of having a child. An imagination of life has now become a reality.

Even if you’re still inside your mom’s tummy,everyone’s excited to see you. When we knew you're gonna be a girl, we knew we’ll have a very beautiful princess. We only pray that you’d be healthy and full of energy when you grow up and I’ll make sure you’ll get the best life you could ever have. 

You’re the first grand daughter in our family and I hope you wont get spoiled so much by your grand parents who were always excited to see, feel and smell you.

We named you "Francine" since you came at the time when we are expanding our business through franchising. While you were in your mommy’s tummy, I was busy with all the virtual meetings and late night paperworks and both of you were there beside me. So when someone asked about your age in the future, it’ll be always remembered as the same age of our growing business. 

Consider yourself as the luckiest girl on earth since we’re building an empire with you as our princess. You are such an inspiration for me to work even harder to give you the best in life.

Your mother and I promise to take care of you, protect you, not give up on you and most importantly be present in your life.




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