Sunday, July 11, 2021

The Cradle Stories' Sedeo Session for babies age 6-8 Months Old

Parents ask, what is a sedeo session?

Sedeo comes from the Latin word to settle down or to sit. Babies at 4 months old are able to hold up their heads, and at 6 months, they start sitting up with help. At 9 months, the baby sits well without support, but may require help to get out of the sitting position. But at 12 months or in one year, babies can get in and out of sitting positions. Any of these ages are perfect for sedeo sessions to document babies’ development. Our team has the professional expertise in holding safe and fun sedeo sessions. One of the most fun sessions for babies and for the team is when babies are not yet mobile, but hold eye contact, and smiles, giggles, or laughs at the team antics. 

If your baby is between 6-8 months old, which is the time for emotional and social development, it is the best time for a sedeo session to showcase the blossoming personality of your baby. Our sedeo sessions are styled by the inimitable Vna Routel, who is also a professional baby handler and licensed nurse. Let us tell your baby’s development story. Book a session with us at The Cradle Stories. We follow a safety protocol of disinfection of all props and materials use for the sessions, to ensure that baby models and their parents are safe.

Styling by Vna Routel


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