Sunday, July 19, 2020

Mommy Novi's Miracle Xiara Maxine \ Newborn Session { General Santos City }

Mommy Novi was waiting for another miracle. She had type 2 diabetic mellitus, a chronic disease she has carried for almost a year. She knew her illness could not be cured, but only endured. She had been taking oral medication until the day when her pregnancy test turned positive. When she saw her positive result, she went through a roller coaster of emotions - from being hopeful to being anxious. But she learned to settle with determination. She can have her miracle. She can have her fourth baby. So, from orally medicating for her type 2 diabetes, she switched to insulin injections. While pregnant, she endured insulin injections three times a day.

We happily share with you, Mommy Novi's miracle, Baby Xiara. We are honored to have been part of Mommy Novi and Baby Xiara's journey. Her pregnancy was no easy feat. In the photo, we incorporated the insulin needles Mommy Novi used and collected throughout her pregnancy as a stark reminder of her courage and perseverance, which we so admired in her. Now, Baby Xiara stands as Mommy Novi's gentle reminder of life's compelling wonders amidst adversities. 

STYLING by Vna Routel, PHOTOGRAPHY by The Cradle Stories


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