Tuesday, March 24, 2020

The van der Houwens: An Outdoor Family Portrait Session { Nissewaard, Netherlands }

The Simple Joys of the Van der Houwens

One fine afternoon, the calm of Bernisse Park rippled with the laughter from a family of four. The Van der Houwens, parents Regie and Charlotte and their children Zola and Liv, are playing. They tear through the nippy weather with their warmth of spirit. Sisters Liv and Zola are unfettered in their zest. They run, tease each other, wrestle, and kiss. Regie and Charlotte lovingly look on, and then, join the fun.

The Van der Houwens have an electric presence in front of the camera. They are naturals. The parents' choice of earth and cool tones for their wardrobe suggest a certain modesty and security- a groundedness. It was both a refreshing and captivating experience photographing the Van der Houwens in South Holland. The children are the bright spots, impish in their delight. They bring each other the simple joys of family, of being together.


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