Wednesday, January 29, 2020

BLAKE \ Newborn Session { General Santos City }

An answered prayer. That’s what you are, my sweet little Blake. At a time when we thought life was giving us all sorts of blows and that we seemed to be at a standstill, you’ve made your presence felt. 
My boy, you have taught us to hope, to have faith and to be fervent in prayer. God knows how much we wanted a son, and in His faithfulness, a son was truly gifted to us on the 24th of December--Christmas Eve, no less. 

You are exactly how I imagined you to be, little one! How I love looking at your innocent face while you’re sleeping, and how I can’t seem to get enough of your sweet baby scent, your cute little fingers and toes, your shapely nose and your adoring eyes, that until now, we still debate over whether you got it from me or your Papa.  

We pray that as you age, you grow up to be sensible and level-headed, be loving and kind, and that you would learn to appreciate life’s many gifts—be it big or small. May you learn to be grateful at all times, be confident and strong in facing life’s challenges, be forgiving, and may you remember to be humble wherever and however life takes you. Best of all, may you always be resolute in your faith and be fervent in your prayer, just as we have been when we asked God for you. 
Blake, always remember how much you are loved...Your Papa, Ate Brielle and I will always love, cherish and protect you. You will always have us—your family. And when you are of age Anak, I only ask one thing: protect your Ate Brielle, in the same way that Ate Brielle will perpetually protect you. 

I love you my son. Thank you for completing our family. 

Mommy Tanya 


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