Friday, December 6, 2019

AYELLA \ Pre-Birthday Session { Polomolok, South Cotabato }

My amazing Ayella,

When you were born, I was so taken by your brunette hair and those chocolate eyes. If I just could spread to the whole world the joy of having you at 5:57 am of December 7,2012. I will do it without doubt.

7 years seem like yesterday. Looking at you today brings back the memories when you were a tot running wild at me and giving me the tightest of hugs. You gave me the most precious gift every woman in this world dreamed of — motherhood. You gave me strength I never knew I had.

My heart if overflowing with pride as I am watching you grow, you are learning compassion and it make me blush with gladness that you are growing to be as beautiful as you are. Because of you, Mom and Dad learned to be patient, you made us family, you made us complete and you made us a better version of ourselves. You are our daily reminder of God's love.

My little Leilipot, I wish you courage and humility in ways you assert yourself. I wish you to be decisive but kind. I wish you to aim for the stars but don't forget to keep your feet planted on the ground. Your daddy and I has many dreams for you but at the end of this all it is your dreams that you should pursue.


I want you to love Toto more than anything in this world, he is your brother, your hero and your best friend. Obey Mom and Dad. Do not be grumpy. Smile so that everyone will know how sweet you are. Lastly, do not forget to pray.

With lots of love,


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