Monday, November 4, 2019

JEDDA \ Indoor Maternity Session { General Santos City }

To our daughter, Mikiely, we only dreamt of you few years ago.  We were really longing for a baby girl. When our OB confirmed that it was a baby girl, our hearts were filled with joy. You are one of God’s greatest gift. 

We promise to do our best to protect and guide you. We may not give everything you wanted but we will provide everything you needed. 

Know that apart from being your parents, we promise to be your best friend to always listen to you when you needed someone. We are your number one fan and greatest cheerleader.

I hope that you will grow as a healthy, God-fearing, responsible daughter to your mommy and daddy as well as sweet baby sister to your two older brothers. We love you unconditionally. 

You are our dream come true, a blessing, a gift, Mikielyjed❤️ 


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