Friday, November 1, 2019

GLICEN | Indoor Maternity Session { General Santos City }

To our Princess Mhyrtle Kate,

Pregnancy is messy, challenging and full of uncertainties but still unbelievably beautiful and exciting. This is the journey God weaves with happiness and love.

It was on your Daddy’s birthday when I made a test and found out, you’ll be joining us. It was the day God answered our prayer.

It isn’t always easy. It’s a mixture of morning sickness, food cravings and mood swings and yet I have so much peace and happiness in the middle of all these knowing I have you. In this journey, I didn’t lose myself but I found my purpose.

Anak, we’ve yet to meet, but I know you. I know your kicks and punches. When I hear your tiny heartbeat for the first time, I completely understand what it means to love someone more than my own life.

We pray for your heart. That you’ll know love and love everyone around you.
We pray for your lips. So you can speak kind words and offer comfort to everyone.
We pray for your ears. That you’ll be a good listener.
We pray for your eyes. That you may see the wonders around you.
We pray for your ten little fingers and ten little toes. That you’ll not be afraid to give a helping hand.
We pray for your strong legs. Legs that can climb mountains or run wherever life leads.
We pray for your strong arms. Arms that you can rely on to do great things.

And we pray for your brain. So that you will know you are capable of anything. You will not afraid to learn, try and fail. And you may embrace wisdom that goes beyond knowledge.

There’s no way to be a perfect parents, but by the Grace of God, we will find a million ways to be a good one.

We’re so excited to hold and see you and to start our journey as a family together. Know that you are completely valued and loved. And as you make your way into the world, we pray your light shines brightly. We love you!

Mommy Glicen & Daddy Nick


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