Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Fritzson Jrue's Newborn Session { General Santos City }

To our beloved Son Fritzson Jrue

You are God’s greatest gift to us. We waited for you for so long. Seeing you for the first time was really a moment filled with so much excitement and joyous tears. We were looking at you at that very instance and all we feel was ultimate LOVE we haven’t felt before. Sometimes the BEST MIRACLE from God takes a much longer time. When we heard your first heartbeat, your first cry, and to finally hold you for the first time, everything was filled with our overwhelming LOVE for you our little one, Fritzson Jrue.

We will love you unconditionally. You will always be surrounded by our loving arms and we will see you grow day by day with pure delight. You will always be guided by us, our dear Son. 

When you’ll be all grown up and somehow do things on your own, our love and care will be forever. We will always be by your side. 

Lastly, always remember to love and fear God. You are given to us by Him. You are our BEST MIRACLE.

We love you dearly. 

Your loving Mom and Dad
Mommy Regina Elena and Daddy Fritz


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