Sunday, July 21, 2019

The Cloma Siblings \ An On Location Family Session { Sarangani Province }

As the eldest child, she dreamed of seeing all her siblings finish their studies. And the culmination of that dream would be for their family portrait taken while all of them – all of her brothers and her - wore their togas and graduation hats. It would give her much pride to be with her brothers on that momentous occasion. 

This was her dream for several years, while she left home and her country to work abroad. It was the how she thought she could help support her siblings' education, sharing part of the burden and responsibility of her parents. She was grateful too, that there were generous aunts and uncles who pitched in from time to time. 

The day eventually came for her dream to come true. And the honor and joy befell on us to photograph the entire brood in their graduation togas and hats. What joy to behold and capture the triumphant smiles of brothers and their Ate Julie, in achieving a milestone in their lives, to say “We did it!”


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