Thursday, May 2, 2019

Ryle's Infant Session { General Santos City }

To Our Firstborn

The moment I conceived you
I feel like I'm a person anew
Even if there's pain that I      encounter
Your tatay is always there to banter

We thank the Almighty God above
For He reward us with His gift of love
Coz He send you from heaven
An angel born on October eleven

We are always in a bliss
Because of you that we don't wanna miss
An unconditional love that we grant 
To you our beloved little man

You gave not only sparks in our life
But fireworks throughout not just the night
You taught us to be selfless
And accord you with our wholeness

As small and fragile as you may seem
The impact you have on us cannot be deem
To our dearest baby Ryle
Please don't grow up so fast for a little while


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