Saturday, April 13, 2019

Dana Anika's Pre-Christening Session { General Santos City }

To our Dear little Dana,

You are God’s perfect gift to us. Mommy and I are the luckiest because we are blessed with a charming baby boy (your Kuya Enzo) and of course you – a beautiful baby girl.
Daddy may be overly protective. No one messes with you, my little princess, unless they want to taste a father’s wrath. You can do martial arts just like daddy, or be my beauty queen like mommy. Be anything that you want to be, darling. But you will always remain as daddy’s sweet little girl.

Our experiences with you from your Mommy’s first trimester struggles to almost giving birth in the car and even those after you were born are really one for the books. If you become stubborn, I will always remind you of these.

Your Mommy, Kuya Enzo and I are looking forward to our best days together, sweetheart. Life may not always be rainbows and cupcakes, but daddy will always be here for you. Every time you are down, daddy will always be beside you. Daddy will make sure that this lifetime is worth living. We super duper love you, sweet pea.


 STYLING by Vna Routel, Photography by The Cradle Stories by Walking Eyes, Nikon D610, Sigma Art 35mm


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