Monday, January 28, 2019

A Gift from God: Matthew's Indoor Newborn Session { General Santos City }

To our dear Matthew Eddard,

Before I pour my heart out, let me tell you that your name is special because it was given to you by your Ate. Ever since you were 4 utero weeks old and long before knowing your gender, we had been calling you Matthew. Your ate is excited of your coming! She said she would lend you her toys and books. And that she would swim with you in the beach with your cousins. Your ate loves you so much she has those plans made ahead.

When your ate came, I said she was an answered prayer. A part of me was given life. But God is good and mighty, He revealed His greatfulness in our lives through your life. You made our hearts whole and complete. What else could a mama in me ask for? You turned out to be the sweetheart mama has longed for- sweet and charming, you have easily stolen my heart.

You have drawn me closer to you by the day. I like looking at your sweet face as you sleep, so much that I wait until you smile so your dimple appears. I like kissing your cheeks until your sleep is disturbed so I can cradle you again. I like holding your tiny hands as they quickly wrap my finger in a gentle touch. But most of all, I love how you snug on my chest as you doze off, feeling your heartbeat and smelling your baby scent.

I close my eyes and feel every moment so I will never forget this time of our lives. I am all you wanted at this moment. It sure sound selfish of me but these are the moments I will hold on dearly in my heart for when you’re all grown up and won’t be needing so much of me.

I pray that the Lord’s favor be upon you always. I declare blessings and good health in your lifetime. We love you our sweetheart, Matthew! We adore you so much.

Papa, Mama and Ate Sansa


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