Thursday, January 24, 2019

A Constant Prayer: Yane's Indoor Maternity Session {General Santos City }

If there's something called a milestone photographer, I would consider myself one. When Arianne and Paolo phoned me to document one of their milestones as a couple, I was elated when I learned that Yane was pregnant and baby no. 1 is on its way. Together with The Cradle Stories's stylist Ms Vna, this indoor maternity session celebrated Yane and Paolo's joyful gift. Here's their milestone immortalized in photographs!  

Dearest Krista Eleighna,

When Mama and Papa got married, you became our constant prayer, you were always our prayer request. We asked and prayed that a child be given to us. Lo and behold! After a year of blissful marriage, a gift was given. You were God’s anniversary gift to us, Anak. 

Skye, your mere existence inside Mama’s tummy brings unexplainable happiness. God’s timing is always perfect and waiting for you teaches us how to be more patient. You’re a miracle, a tiny creature who taught us to love more than we could imagine.

Few more days, we are bound to meet each other. As we waited for you to come, we did not skip a day enjoying the excitement to finally see you. We are thrilled to know sino kaya kamukha mo? Will you have Mama’s eyes? Papa’s nose? We are excited to touch you and hear you cry. We long to see you smile and listen to your laughters. Oh baby! We just couldn’t contain our happiness and exhilaration.

Our heart is full of joy, there’s so many things we wanted to say but we couldn’t find the exact words to express everything. For now, enjoy the remaining time inside Mama’s womb as we continue to prepare for your coming.  Just know that we love you even before you were conceived, that our love for you is immeasurable.


Papa and Mama 😘


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