Saturday, November 17, 2018

Casting Love: The Cradle Stories' Hands, Feet, and Belly Life Casts

Love is inside your belly, growing by the day. In months, it grows. Love eats the food you eat. Love breathes the air you breathe. Love beats as your heart does.

Love is the tiny hands that you hold, or the tiny feet which soles you kiss, since the little human who owns them was born. These gestures of loving become ritual every moment, every day.

In time, these tiny hands and feet will grow. The tiny hands will eventually find other hands to hold. The tiny feet will soon kiss the ground, treading places far from home.

But they do return; they stay. Then these once tiny hands, become the hands that you hold, or which hold you in times of happiness, or in times of sadness; hands, which warmth tells you that “things are going to be okay”, and “we'll get through this together”.

Our rituals of loving may change, and sometimes, with time, home becomes memory. But we always try to remember and have the things for remembering. We turn to memorabilias we have collected through the years—photographs, notes, artworks, or copies of the tiny hands and feet we had enjoyed holding and kissing in the early years, or the hands we've held through life.

The copies are sometimes drawings, paintings, or like The Cradle Stories' belly, hands and feet castings. These castings provide you with 3D copies, down to the details, of your loved one's body parts, to remember times of life's beginnings, and journeys together through life.

Remember your child's imprints as a baby or your daughter and son's growing hands through Vna Routel's castings. The casting process is an experience with time: 10-15 minutes sessions with babies (while they're asleep), and 30-40 minutes for families of four or more, and 30 minutes for expecting mothers.

The hand and feet castings for babies come painted golden and in a minimalist wooden frame. The belly castings are mounted on a frame stand, with a name plate of the baby, and the baby's birthdate. The hand castings for couples and family come in an acrylic box, with a name plate of the pair of hand owners and the day that is memorialized—an engagement, a wedding, or any regular day of love and loving.

For orders and appointments, contact us The Cradle Stories for  hands, feet, and belly castings.


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