Saturday, September 22, 2018

A Day In The Life of Sansa: A Pre-Birthday Session { General Santos City }

I doubt if you will remember any of this- just a day in the life, but which essentially comprised your toddlerhood. We want to record this for your viewing someday. I cannot start to put in exact words or sentence what it is like. Surely, it is one full of life, anak. Even saying that, seems lacking because witnessing it everyday still give me awe which tells me there is more to know about what you can do and much to learn about your emerging personality. We have never been separated for more than 5 hours since your birth, so I feel that it was only yesterday that I have delivered you. But wow, you are turning 2 years old in few days! I am happy yet getting all the sentis thinking that the baby who have rightfully owned my arms have grown this much.

Someday if we have to look back of this time, I hope you will see that it had been an exciting and fun 2 years of your life. I want you to see how you were like- playful and free, fearless yet thoughtful. I want you to see that despite our apprehensions, we have afforded you freedom to explore and to do almost anything your toddler instinct tells you to do. Hence, you are this playful, confident and smart. That also meant we have to cope up to that energy and curiosity all the time. Truth be told, it was not an easy decision. It can be challenging battling between your perspective versus ours as we try to protect your innocence and natural tendencies. Still, we know we are far from perfection whatever effort we give. We keep trying anyway, knowing, this for now, is the best we can give you.

Your toddlerhood is still a long way, but in your first year your interests are these (and more). For some reason, you are fond of animals! So much you received a chick as keepsake which we nurtured back home.

You like to read a lot! We can even spend 2 straight hours of engaged reading until you fall asleep. Surprisingly, you will even name a book of your choice or will say no to random choice out of the 20 plus books we prepare for bedtime. You have flavors of the week/month books, too. I know, because you will say, “again” after they are read.

The outdoor is your wide playground! I worry about the bruises, scratches, insect bites, sometimes wounds, that you get being out there, but we allow you because you are happy being there. You go home later sweaty and dirty, not always tired though, because you can still manage to play some more, and still welcomed with hugs and kisses. You are a ball of energy and also an observant child. You are talkative and expressive, yet when you meet people for the first time, you observe and get the feel before opening up.

I enjoy the days that we dance and sing, pretending we can play them along with your xylophone and maracas. I love how you sing songs in your own Sansa words in your attempt to speak them correctly. I think your “Bahay Kubo” version is the best I have heard!

It is not always easy but we love you for what and how you are. We have thrived for the last 2 years as a family. I do not think I will ever outgrow this love I have for you in my heart. We will try our best to tame our worried hearts so you can pursue the things that you like. We will try our best to see the world through your eyes to understand you better. Our ultimate desire will always be to give you a happy childhood. One that will form part of your soul- happy, meaningful, and warm. A beautiful feeling and memory to recall.

It is our prayer that you grow up healthy, happy and grounded. May you grow to have a heart for nature and people. May you grow doing the things that you like and be able to express them in your ways. May you grow to be a joyful and grateful person who knows her root and truth. Importantly, may you grow having Jesus in your heart. There will be changes along the way for sure. Your heart can rest in knowing that you are our dearest first love and that nothing can reduce that love we have already given you. Just like the favorite line we read in your book at bedtime, my love, all of this is because, we love you to the moon and back.

Mama Kristine
Dada Dinnes

Words by  Mama Kristine and Dada Dinnes, Styling by Vna Routel ,   Photographed by Van Almeria of The Walking Eyes. Specs \\ Sony A7III, Sony Zeis 55 1.8


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