Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Andrea | A Disney Princess Themed Outdoor Session { General Santos City }

The Sallegues have been our loyal client since we photographed Andrea, their firstborn's infant session three years ago. It was such a delight to see them again after their first photo shoot. And we were so giddy to share Andrea's Disney Themed outdoor toddler session styled by our partner stylist, Ms Vna Routel of Love & Metaphor. Come, scroll through the photos we made one gloomy Tuesday of September!

Andrea in Greek is courageous and in Latin means beautiful lady. Margaret in Persian is child of light. Our dear Andrea Margaret, you are not just a sweet little girl but you are daddy's precious princess, mommy's forever baby and the greatest manifestation of God's love.

The day you came into our lives you changed everything. You made us see beauty and feel love in its truest form. Through the years you have brought our hearts great joy, contentment and bliss more than we could have ever imagine. You inspire us to become better versions of ourselves, you motivate us to work hard and dream bigger dreams, you influence us to explore and enjoy new things, you calm us amidst the trials and chaos of this world and you remind us to have a faith like a child.

We look forward for you to grow up and live your life and follow your dreams. Life may sometimes be cruel and tough but with the Almighty's grace and our guidance we believe you will not only survive but succeed. Stride ahead, our love. Fight your fears. Stand tall. For you, we will always be here.

Shine our princess!
Touch the world with your pure heart and beautiful soul.
We love you forever.

Words by  Mommy Marianne and Daddy Archieval, Styling by Vna Routel of Love and Metaphor,   Photographed by Van Almeria of The Walking Eyes. Specs \\ Nikon D750, Nikkor 70-200 f2.8G 


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