Monday, September 18, 2017

Sofia Venice | An Outdoor Pre-Birthday Session { General Santos City }

With so much love I offer this poem, looking forward to the day you can read this on your own…

Soon as everything was finally confirmed, that we are blessed to have you. 
Though there were mixed emotions felt, feeling happy is apparently true.
I knew that moment, becoming a parent is a gift from above.
And I am lucky enough because you are made out of love.
Out of love, that will conquer anything and everything.
The kind of love that’s worth the fight, whatever it may bring.
My love for you my dear Sofia, endures any kind of fears.
That will surely last a lifetime even if it will cost me tears.
For the way it went through, taking care of you and giving the best for you
Is the only option that I have in mind, to prove the world I wanted you. 
Making sure that you will grow and develop to be the best that you should be.
All the careful steps and decisions are made everything good for you, our baby.
In all those months that you are still growing inside, Mom’s tummy,
Everyone was so happy and excited of your gender, whatever you’re going to be. 
We’re all imagining on how you would look like, maybe like me.
But everybody is confidently sure that you will be so adorable and very pretty.
All happened real fast.  The baby girl we’re so excited about was named Sofia Venice.
Sofia, which means wise, synonymous for intelligence, and always at peace.
An attribute you shared from your Mom, a lawyer that she is.
With Mom’s initials VEN, we added your Venice, giving me much bliss.


Viewing life now is totally different, with you, our love having us around. 
You complete each day, a better reason to wake up to hear your sound.
The smile you flash and the giggles you make, made our world go perfectly round.
 And each time spent playing games together, tears of joy and memories are found.
Everyday is an opportunity for me to learn the things every parent should do.
You start eating foods and crawling, standing, and walking when you need to.
By showing us those developments, means you are growing up this quick,
Actually makes us pray that hopefully you remain our sweet little chick.

Now you are turning 1, we know it’s going to be so much fun.
I could say I love you’s, and you could murmur back sounds like one.
Learning to talk, trying to sing and showing us that you love dancing.
Give us goose bumps, wondering what more happiness that you could bring.
I n the meantime, that we have limited bonding time together.
All I wish is for you to hold on and make yourself grow stronger.
We will just be around the corner, my love, for you every step of the way.
Making sure to see you and watch you, making progress each and everyday.
Can’t wait for the moment that one day, we will have all the time in the world.
And show you games and talk or teach you stuffs and fix your hair even if it’s curled.
With your adoring, amiable and talented personality, all your cousins will surely love.
Be sweet like a candy, and have a pure heart as white as a dove.
Excited but quite emotional for the days to come, in your growing up years.
But we know, whatever happens, there’s a better reason to celebrate and cheers.
For God, who gave you to us, has always have ears that listens whatever He hears.
Just know that I love you, and will protect you from tears and even from your fears.

 Words by  Mommy Veromic Navida, Styling by Vna Routel of Love and Metaphor,   Photographed by Van Almeria of The Walking Eyes. Specs \\ Nikon D750, Nikkor 70-200 f2.8G 


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