Sunday, July 9, 2017

Yoko | Maternity Session { General Santos City }

To my baby girl,

Do you know how excited I am to finally meet you for the first time? I often wonder who you will look like (But I really hope that you will look like your Papa). I love your Papa with all my heart, he was a good man, he was a positive person and he made me laugh every day. He was even smiling from ear to ear when he first learned about my pregnancy.

Papa Jodel loved and cared for us so much, he would always talk to you,“Baby, be happy and healthy always ha? Love ko kayo ni mama mo.” He would imagine a blissful life of constant pleasure with us but death had ripped away his hopes of beautiful tomorrow.

I am sorry nak that you will not be able to spend time with papa, to see him dance and to hear his voice when he sings. I am sorry that you will not be able to see and and spend time to play with him. I am sorry that your time with papa was very short (You were just tweleve weeks in Mama’s tummy when he passed away). I am sorry that you will see and experience the world and grow up without Papa. I am sorry if there were times when you heard mama cry, when you felt so much of mama’s pain.

 I just want to thank you for being so brave, for being strong and for holding on despite everything. Thank you for putting a smile on mama’s face again. Thank you for being the reason why I still choose to live and to fight. You are my source of joy.  Thank you nak for making me feel that I am not alone and I will never be alone again. Mama will do everything for you. I will love you and will take care of you. From now on, you will be mama’s best friend. Let’s continue the dreams and plans of Papa Jodel. Nak, I am hoping and praying that you will grow up to be a happy person, a dancer and a singer just like your papa, to be a charming girl, to be respectful to everybody, to be good and loving, and most specially to be God-fearing.

Papa Jodel and Mama love you so much nak. I am so excited to brave the world with you. See you soon my Baby Jodelle!  

Mama Yoko

Words by Yoko Tumongha, Styling by Vna Routel of Love and Metaphor,  Hair & Make-up Styling by Charmaine Betty Uy, Photographed by Van Almeria of The Walking Eyes. Specs \\ Nikon D610, 50mm 1.4 Nikon D 


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