Monday, June 19, 2017

Bea & Bianca's Outdoor Tea Party Session { Polomolok, South Cotabato }

I was absolutely thrilled when Ate Lynette contacted me one  fine Sunday morning of April for an outdoor photo session for her two sweet darlings, Bea and Bianca. Set on a beautiful and verdant garden in one of the households in Kalsangi, Polomolok South Cot, the stylist, Ms Vna Routel of Love and Metaphor mounted the tea party inspired props for the girls. It was a perfect place to set-up the tea cups, lacy hang dome, floral ornaments and the vintage decoratives. They were given wreaths to complement their floral dresses and the overall feel of the set.

Bianca could hardly contain her excitement upon seeing the ornaments on the table. She got hold of the tea cups and was so delighted to inspect the other elements. It was as if she was in a toy store where she could hardly decide what to touch first. It was a pure joy to see the two girls cheerfully enjoying each other.

Their laid-back outdoor session was definitely one for the books. I was trigger happy all throughout the shoot.

FROM MOMMY LYNETTE: Bea Louise, my eldest is a blessing to me and her daddy. God gave her to us at a time when her daddy and I we're about to give up on the baby making business. I mean, after six years of constant doctor check ups and medicines, my uterus was practically crying out for me to stop already. 

I knew the power of God was at work when only through the prayers of the nuns at Trappestine monastery did we happen to have a baby on the way. Her name "Bea" also means "blessed or a blessing". But I couldn't stop there so I added the 2nd name "Louise" which means "strong warrior maiden". Thus, my Bea Louise although quite shy at times has a strong conviction and passion at whatever catches her fancy.

My youngest child, Bianca Marie is also a blessing since the Dominican priests (it pays to have a lot of religious friends --trust me) at the Our Lady of Manoag Church were the ones who helped us pray for another child this time. It took us 8years before we had her. She has a "marie" as her second name to signify my gratitude to the Virgin Mary upon whose grace helped us get pregnant again. She is a "Bianca" because she was so "fair and white" when she was born. Hence the name Bianca Marie. 

So you see, my girls were little miracles for my hubby and me. Because they were born out of love and grace from a Divine Providence who gave them to us after years of waiting.

Text and Photographs by Van Almeria, Styling by Vna Routel of Love and Metaphor, Nikon D610, 70-200mm f2.8 G Nikkor Lens


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