Monday, May 1, 2017

Zion's Bear Themed Outdoor Pre-Birthday Session { General Santos City }

As a lifestyle photographer, immortalizing a happy baby is definitely one of my greatest pleasures. Since Ms. Vna of Love and Metaphor and I started this beautiful endeavor (by chance) three years ago, we have already photographed an unquantifiable happy infants and toddlers.

I would say that baby Zion is a little charmer, a happy and socially engaged baby. We first encountered him when he was 5 months old and learned that her mother, Nerie stumbled upon our infant portfolio through Facebook. Three months after Zion’s first photo session with us, Ms. Nerie booked another session and that was during Zion’s 8th Month.

He is a special baby. His father is a Pakistani and his beautiful mom is a Filipina. I could still remember how mesmerized I was when I first saw his big ebony, round eyes with fluttery, full and beautiful lashes. It was as if his eyes were glowing and communicating. It didn’t look uninterested and dazed. 


For his birthday celebration, Ms. Nerie opted for a bear themed party. And so we incorporated the theme in his pre-birthday session. All throughout the session, he was so joyful and playful – he seemed to enjoy the life-size teddy bear Ms. Vna prepared for him. 

To Zion, if you ever stumble upon this blog in the future, we just wanna tell you how blessed and thankful we are that your family shared a portion of their happiness to us. We are forever grateful for the experience and for the opportunities that they’ve given us.

If we are given a chance to photograph more babies, we would definitely want another Zion in the studio. 

Coordination by Ceth Cabahug of Happly Flavors, HMU by Iann Gonzales, Text and Photographs by Van Almeria, Styling by Vna Routel of Love and Metaphor, Nikon D610, 50mm 1.4  D Nikkor


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