Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Kristine | Outdoor Maternity Session { General Santos City }

There is indeed a special sweetness in being able to participate in creation.  That certain indescribable feeling that you are  looking forward to witnessing a wonder of God's gift of life- and that a miracle is taking place inside your womb. Being able to conceive is a great, magical and thrilling adventure. It is such an amazing journey and just like any special events,  pregnancy is also worth-celebrating. 

As a lifetsyle photographer, it is such a joy and an honor to be given an opportunity to photograph and immortalize a couples' important milestone.  

Our former bride, Kristine phoned us to book for an outdoor maternity session during her third trimester. Together with her husband, Dinnes they opted nature as a setting where everything is raw, vibrant and verdant.

We had the session in the early morning of August, where the landscape looked more lively and lush and the soft light brought life to subtle details. 


A Mother’s Love, Song

a poem for Sansa by Anthony Dinnes Pantua

We wanted to sing you a song, a love song; a song of praise, a song of hope and a prayer; for you are wonderful and your smile brings the world true happiness; a prayer for you to be safe, a commitment of our undying love and a home; a home that will shelter you when the going gets tougher; and despite of “whatever-the-future-brings”, you will still be blessed.  

We wanted to sing you a song, a love song; a love song that will make you happy, laugh or may be embarrassed; a song, sung by your big man in an unpleasant voice but in deep love; I can’t wait to see you smile, cry, giggle and maybe hum; we prayed for this to God and our prayers were all answered; God is so good, all the time!, that He sent an angel from above.

We wanted to sing you a song, a love song; a harmony that caresses you while you sleep – tighter than our loving embrace; a song that will last more than a lifetime – an eternal promise; kissing your rosy cheeks, tears also flow in ours – happiness with no comparison; hard times will certain come our way – will endure with ease; we will laugh, cry, be crazy, everything in life is possible – its a success.

We wanted to sing you a song, a love song; a song that will wipe away the tears of uncertainty and struggles; days will be greater and evenings will be the spring board for a blessed tomorrow; holding our hands together praying and praising God, you, me and mum; taking us deeper in love, life and faith – happy memories together; we wanted to sing you a song but deep inside all we wanted to say is simply: “WE LOVE YOU”.

Prop Styling \ Vna Routel of Love and Metaphor
Photography \ Van Almeria of The Walking Eyes 
Location \ Lagare Springfield Garden Resort, General Santos City


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